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Sunday, March 27

Approaching people.

So I notice that a big problem I have, and a problem many socially awkward people have is how to approach someone. How to make small talk, things of that nature that seem like they should come natural are often difficult to..well the more nerdy of us.
I just recently came out of my shell, and I'm still having trouble, so I've developed, and read about some methods to help with the most basic of social interactions.

One thing that has helped me a ton is the fact that I smoke. I'm not an addict, I smoke very casually, maybe a pack a week.
So that gives me one very easy opening to get into conversation; "Do you have a lighter?"
It's simple, and it works. Conversation has been initiated, and through that you can ask the basic questions, the Who, where, and such.

Another strategy is, if you are a social gathering, to find out who the person is ahead of time.
"Oh, you're ________, right? Yeah ______ mentioned you."
And from there, you can build.

a third rather popular item is to find someone on someones person and ask about it.
For example, I wear a bobby pin and a rubber band around my wrist, soley so people have something to say if they want to talk to me. To do away with that initial awkwardness.
"Okay, dude, I hate to ask, but why do you have a bobby pin on your wrist?"
and there, he's in. Conversation initiated, the initial awkwardness is gone.

Monday, March 21

Fucking Russians, man.

So it's a bit odd this is my first post in months...but I find it necessary to share this with as many people as possible
Russian artists arrested for staging in orgy.
I can't make this shit up.

Wednesday, March 9

To anyone who played Persona 4

Jesus fucking Christ, man.
For those of you who didn't, at the beginning of Persona 4, and throughout it bodies are found hanging from telephone and electrical wires. They are usually around a time when the sky turns yellow, and no cause of death is ever evident. The game takes place in 2011.

Tuesday, March 8

Spring break is quickly approaching, and I'm excited.
My last one, exactly a year ago, was a drug fueled adventure. I don't remember much of it, but I know I had fun, and I know I spent well over four hundred dollars on misc. expenses.
Here's hoping for an encore even better than the last.
I've always thought about getting the five or six people that came with me last time, on my adventure. On the quest. And using our combined memories to compile a story, and I might try that for you folks to read. It should be interesting, at the very least. Though I doubt any of us can remember any more of the others.

Monday, March 7

The 1800's

I'm trying not to repost a lot of things, but I absolutely loved This.
They're photos of the American frontier days, during manifest destiny and beautifully illustrate the struggle and general hardship that they faced throughout their lives. It has the potential to really make one appreciate where he or she is in life, solely because of how easy it is. We really are one of the first generations to have the luxury of boredom, and it's time we realize that. To turn our boredom into happiness, solely because we're capable of having nothing to do, nothing to truly worry about.

Saturday, March 5

Battlefield 3

So yeah, I'm late to the party, but I'm tickled pink about this game.
I love me some good old fashioned massive battlefield battles.